Digital Marketing for Doctors in Thane

Digital Marketing for Doctors in Thane

At PRAXIS 360, we leverage our decade-long journey of combining technical mastery and medical marketing acumen to lead the vanguard of healthcare marketing. Our seasoned experience, spanning over ten years, underscores our adeptness at steering through the complexities of healthcare marketing, enabling us to devise strategies that are both pioneering and impactful.

Here’s what sets us apart in the realm of practice marketing:

1. Dedicated to Healthcare Marketing:

Our allegiance lies exclusively with the medical community. This singular focus sharpens our strategies, ensuring they're precisely calibrated to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare landscape, adhering to DCI & MCI guidelines.

Our deep-rooted understanding of healthcare marketing, from patient psychology to the detailed aspects of medical SEO, distinguishes us. We grasp the subtleties of your profession and tailor strategies that genuinely engage your target audience.

2. Multidisciplinary Expert Team:

Our diverse team comprises medical practitioners, IT specialists, medical content creators, and strategists. This multifaceted mix guarantees that every facet of your marketing strategy is enriched with a profound understanding of both healthcare and digital marketing dynamics. Importantly, we align with your vision precisely.

With a dedicated cadre of over 30 professionals, we ensure that every client receives personalised support and strategic depth. This extensive team guarantees comprehensive attention and specialised expertise for every client.

3. Exclusive One Region, One Client Policy:

Our commitment to offering undivided focus to our clients is manifested in our One Region, One Client policy. This strategy prevents any potential cross-competition, ensuring our concerted efforts are directed towards amplifying your practice’s digital presence in Thane.

At our essence, we are dedicated to boosting the digital visibility of doctors in Thane through custom-tailored marketing strategies. Positioned at the crossroads of healthcare insight and digital marketing prowess, we provide unparalleled services to medical practices. Let us guide you through the digital realm with assurance and precision, making your practice a standout in the digital expanse.

Our Proven Track Record:

Our portfolio highlights our extensive success in enhancing the digital profiles of medical practices, with over 100 practices under our belt. This demonstrates our capacity to generate tangible results and expand the digital footprint of healthcare providers. Noteworthy achievements include:

  • Over 100 websites designed
  • Optimization of 3500+ keywords for the 1st page of Google
  • Enhancement of 100+ Google Business Profiles for top-five positions
  • Management of over 1 Crore yearly ad budget
  • Status as a Certified Google Partner
  • Generation of 15,000+ leads annually
  • Serving clients across India, Australia, South Africa
  • Catering to a wide range of specialists including dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and many more
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